Flickr Uploadr 3.0 proxy settings

Flickr Uploadr 3.0Flickr uploader software “Uploadr 3” is out! As I spend most of the time at work where i`m behind a firewall AND a proxy, first thing I noticed, I couldn`t sign in. Of course I searched for proxy settings, but the software has no settings available until you sign in. Also when you solve the problem, you dont have any proxy settings using the graphical user interface. Here`s how to add/edit proxy settings:

  • Close Flickr Uploader (if its open)
  • Go to your Flickr Uploadr 3 installation directory and find the configuration file (usually “C:\Programm Files\Flickr Uploadr\defaults\preferences\prefs.js” )
  • Add following lines to the end of the file:

    pref(‘network.proxy.http’, ‘’);
    pref(‘network.proxy.http_port’, 3128);
    pref(‘network.proxy.type’, 1);

  • change and 3128 to whatever your proxy has and save the file.
  • Enjoy the new uploader!

I`m impressed of the new and nice interface which is finally useful for uploading! The previous uploader was awkward to add tags and to add photos to more than one set. Also the previous versions didn`t upload most of my jpegs saying “incorrect file type”. So far seems the issue is fixed. Thanks Flickr!

Download Flickr Uploadr3 here

P.S. when copying the 3 lines from my site, check that the quotes have copied correctly and are the same as for the other settings in the preferences file! otherwise it may not work!