Annas hotel website

Recently finished another website in Flash. It is for a nice hotel in Latvia with SPA & restaurant.
I have switched back to Actionscript 2.0 in Flash, because AS 3.0 is a bit too much headache and tough learning curve.
Website is based on SWFAddress deep-linking structure and uses other free Actionscript libraries. Database is MySQL driven, connected in simple XML loadData manner. All text data can be edited with WYSIWYG type editor.

Intro section welcome page … reservation


Flash player 9, 10 – security policy file

I encountered problems for last 6 months to upload music on my dj site – . I have flash CMS admin on but the songs are uploaded to other site of mine, where HDD space is not a problem. about half year ago I couldnt upload songs from some computers, now its from all computers. It just stops. I had suspicion it had something to do with new Flash Player versions 9 and 10. So today I fixed it just by uploading simple file to my file hosting server: crossdomain.xml.
Flash player always looks for file when it accesses its contents or uploads something. The is what my security policy file contains:

Campaing tracking in Flash ClickTAG

Today we encountered a problem. Nothing showed up in Google Analytics tracking campaigns. We used a clickTAG code to swfobject (a.k.a FlashObject) like this:

so.addVariable(“clickTAG”, “”);

But the banner link only went to “”. After a bit of research I found out that Flash didn`t accept anything that’s after the ampersand &. Some suggested using & instead of &, but it did not work. I`m not sure if it`s a problem of Flash or SWFobject, but anyway I found a simple solution – use javascript escape() function to translate the URL, like this:

so.addVariable(“clickTAG”, escape(“”));

Voila! Now the banner opens full URL with tracking code! I think this is a problem with other tracking and ad network users also.
I hope this helps someone! :)

Adobe Flash and VoIP

Nice articel/interview about Adobe Flash VoIp capabilities. Sharing camera has been available since Flash MX, but now they are really planning to implement in perfect condition, which will enable social network sites like add VoIP and online conferencing features that people just thrive to use while it is new to the world. This just proves once again that Flash will stay here longer and Microsoft can keep their Apollo products in their shelves..

Read the full article here: Adobe Flash goes VoIP

Search engine optimization for Flash

I was reading some articles about Flash SEO (like this) and some of them recommended using SWFObject to make some text visible to search engines. The trick is that you put text in HTML format inside

layer and then you put your flash over it (SWFObjects javascript code changes innerHTML of the

layer). While this works and I am still using this technique at sites like djnet, the technique is also kind of cloaking – showing one text to search engine, other for the user. Spammers can implement this method in their sites and sooner or later Google will create algo that will ban these sites. And the good ones too.
While this problem persists, you can put TITLE and DESCRIPTION in your flash files – in Flash IDE choose Modify > Document (or Ctrl+J). This is the part that gets indexed by search engines. Though this is better than nothing, again using SWFObject hides the flash file from search engine, thus making this piece of metadata useless.
I`m still thinking of rebuilding my best project (djnet) in php, just for SEO purposes. But what I know fur sure is that search engines will try to give better support for Flash because it won`t go away in the nearest decade – Internet cannot live without Flash video (though internet should get rid of flash advertisments).

Microsoft Soapbox video service

Microsoft has started a new service – Soapbox. It`s a YouTube future follower, as Soapbox is still in beta and available to limited invitations (you can go to the site and request an invitation). Funny, that once again Microsoft announces a product way before it`s ready, and once again only a product that follows some other market leader. For example, previous it was (maybe still they hope) for Adobe Flash, which Microsoft tries to compete with its Avalon products. Check out – on the video player is in Flash! I have no idea why is Microsoft spending so much money on probably worthless products, though they still keep a big part of internet users on MSN.
Just my 2c. – Portal for djs and clubbers. A place where you can listen fresh house music from various latian djs` collections. No mp3 downloads, just flash player, allowing to create playlist, comment songs.

This is my biggest project, since I have spent more than a year keeping it up to date and making essential changes and add-ons. Project online since May 2005. Since then it has been 99% Flash + remoting + sql + php, Flash admin panel for djs to upload songs and modify info.

LV: – Flash portāls, kur var paklausīties svaigu house mūziku no manas atlases nu jau vairāku dj personīgās atlases. Dziesmas var klausīties online pleijerī, veidot pleilisti, lai atstātu skanēt fonā, komentēt, diskutēt.
Mans lielākais web-projekts, uzsākts 2005.gada maijā. Kopš tā laika nepārtraukti to uzlaboju. 99% Flash, remoting, mysql, file/user management, advancēts flash CMS priekš dj. Viss taisīts no nulles, mana paša ideja.