Annas hotel website

Recently finished another website in Flash. It is for a nice hotel in Latvia with SPA & restaurant.
I have switched back to Actionscript 2.0 in Flash, because AS 3.0 is a bit too much headache and tough learning curve.
Website is based on SWFAddress deep-linking structure and uses other free Actionscript libraries. Database is MySQL driven, connected in simple XML loadData manner. All text data can be edited with WYSIWYG type editor.

Intro section welcome page … reservation


Just made a simple page for product “TurboXS KnockLite“, an engine knock (detonation / pre-ignition) warning light. Simple 3-page website, the domain was available, so I just made and informative page with description, installation instructions and links to online shops. If Google will like my site, I`ll add some AdSense banners and put referral links to online shops..


toyota celica st185Just created a page for my car: Toyota Celica ST185 (AWD Turbo). (Go google, fetch it nicely)
Since i`m taking a lot of pics while doing repairs and tuning, it could work out good for SEO when people search for images through Google. For now its pretty basic site, but i will spread it into different sections – articles on repairs, tuning, photo galleries by tags, etc. Well, just because.
Site is based on drupal. I love it!


In summer I created a website Celebrity Gossip. Time has come to move on. For that time I chose a domain name which was really for the keywords. Optimizing every single bit for keyphrase “celebrity gossip” soon I was #1 on MSN and got almost 1000 unique views daily from MSN Search alone. Time passed and MSN lost its users, so that still I was #1 on MSN but received only 20-100 unique visitors daily. But Google had increased importance of my site that I had ~1000 uniques per day. Continue reading “Celebritysnap” – Portal for djs and clubbers. A place where you can listen fresh house music from various latian djs` collections. No mp3 downloads, just flash player, allowing to create playlist, comment songs.

This is my biggest project, since I have spent more than a year keeping it up to date and making essential changes and add-ons. Project online since May 2005. Since then it has been 99% Flash + remoting + sql + php, Flash admin panel for djs to upload songs and modify info.

LV: – Flash portāls, kur var paklausīties svaigu house mūziku no manas atlases nu jau vairāku dj personīgās atlases. Dziesmas var klausīties online pleijerī, veidot pleilisti, lai atstātu skanēt fonā, komentēt, diskutēt.
Mans lielākais web-projekts, uzsākts 2005.gada maijā. Kopš tā laika nepārtraukti to uzlaboju. 99% Flash, remoting, mysql, file/user management, advancēts flash CMS priekš dj. Viss taisīts no nulles, mana paša ideja.

This is website of my father`s furniture company. It specializes in antique furniture production, reproduction and restoring. All furniture is made from wood that is at least 100 years old.  Restored furniture is cleaned, reconstructed, painted/waxed.  You should check the gallery of beautiful furnishings :)

Site is made using php + sql + css.

LV: Mana tēva uzņēmums – z/s “Rūstuži”. Antīko mēbeļu restaurācija, reprodukcija. Saits diezgan vienkāršs, ģenerējam dinamiski php, šur tur pielietojam datubāzi un admin paneli.

This website is about herbal medicine that succesfully treats retroviral diseases like AIDS and hepatitis B/C (and flu of course :)) and also cancer. To most of you this should seem insane and impossible, but i wont go in the details as i`m fed up with explaining :). This works successfully (I know people who have been cured from hep.C and HIV) and completely without side-effects (if you drink it too much, your stomach might ache for a few hours, its based on alkoloids, as from my experience while treating flu).

As from webdesign perspective, its a bit old site, the CSS standards have evolved and now the site looks ugly, but i cannot modify it right now, as I dont have access to its FTP right now. I also made those little flash animations on “Cell life system” page :))).

LV: Projekts ir par “līdzekļiem” (nav reģistrētas zāles, tāpēc par tādām nevar saukt, šobrīd notiek tiesas), kas ārstē HIV, hepatīts C, un citas retrovīrusu slimības (gripa), kā arī vēzi. Nejokoju. Cilvēki izārstēti ir, vārdos nesaukšu. Arī neticīgos apnicis pārliecināt, kas gribēs, tas paprasīs :).
Nu jau pavecs projekts, ar dažām kļūdām (piemēram menu), kuras pagaidām nevaru labot, jo nav pieeja serverim. Lapa uz parastā php/html + flash animācijas otrajā lapā. Menu kādreiz rādījās normāli, bet tad browseru CSS strādāja savādāk..

This project was a challenge for me :) Its online photo printing – clients register at the site, upload photos, define sizes, paper type and other stuff, then collect printed photos in-store.

File uploading could be done in flash 8, but at that time it wasnt possible, so its done through popup window. Then the flash interface with remoting to php gateway. some serious stuff to manage photos and orders phisically on server, creating dedicated files for the printer technics to minimize work for in-store operator.

LV: Viens no advancētākajiem projektiem, ko esmu veidojis. Online foto izdruka. Lietotāji reģistrējas, uploado savus foto, norāda izdrukas parametrus un saņem gatavas fotogrāfijas salonā. 90% Flash, remoting, php + gd libraries, folderu/failu struktūras ģenerēšana, lai servisā varētu automātiski drukāt.