Wrong monthly balance in Google Adsense

Currently a lot of users are confused – Google Adsense monthly balance shows more money than you receive in next month`s payment. When payment is issued you probably wonder “ok, maybe the rest of the money will be paid some time later”. But it won`t happen. You might see something like this:

Balance at end of April €223.74
May 24 Payment issued (€98.10)

There is a problem in Google Adsense payments page and they`re trying to fix it. The montly balance is shown incorrectly. To show correct values – go to payments page and change the “view: Last 3 months” dropdown to “View: All time“. Now you should see tha real monthly balance at the end of each month, unfortunately it`s smaller than you hoped ;)


Just made a simple page for product “TurboXS KnockLite“, an engine knock (detonation / pre-ignition) warning light. Simple 3-page website, the domain was available, so I just made and informative page with description, installation instructions and links to online shops. If Google will like my site, I`ll add some AdSense banners and put referral links to online shops..

Link exchange fraud with javascript. UPDATED

Today I received an email about my client`s celebrity photo website. It was from unknow sender Matt Priest (i`d like to give him credits to his site, if I find it out). It was a friendly warning message about a link exchange I had done with a fraudulent site – Nachofoto.com.
This site offered me link exchange five days ago, I put my link up and they put mine. After that I checked their site – I couldn`t find my link in the source code of nachofoto.com. But I did see the link on the page. I checked for iframes – nothing. So I said to myself, let it be, and forgot about it. But it turns out, they`re cheating by using javascript. Some exchangers might notice it, some may not.
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Chitika.net ads suck?

I knew about site Chitika.net for a few years. (i think it sounds better chikita not chitika :D) The didn`t accept my site back then (www.celebritysnap.com), but a few months ago they updated their policy and accept new sites. I tested both on celebritysnap.com and my furniture site www.antique.lv, both perform very poorly, about 10% of Google Adsense performance, no matter how many success stories Chitika writes. It just doesn`t pay. I tried more of their advertising features. 99% it shows IPOD ads that lead to www.amazon.com, I`m not sure if anyone is interested in such ads. Screw Ipod`s!
I`m waiting to get my first payment and then I`ll quit using Chitika :/ Maybe I`m doing something wrong, but the CTR is 0.05% and below which isn`t effective at all!

Oh, what`s even worse – I couldn`t find a way to add new domains/sites to my account. I had to create new accoutn for each domain. So you cannot get bulk payments. You have to logout/login all the time. wtf?