Link exchange fraud with javascript. UPDATED

Today I received an email about my client`s celebrity photo website. It was from unknow sender Matt Priest (i`d like to give him credits to his site, if I find it out). It was a friendly warning message about a link exchange I had done with a fraudulent site –
This site offered me link exchange five days ago, I put my link up and they put mine. After that I checked their site – I couldn`t find my link in the source code of But I did see the link on the page. I checked for iframes – nothing. So I said to myself, let it be, and forgot about it. But it turns out, they`re cheating by using javascript. Some exchangers might notice it, some may not.
Here is quote from generous Matt Priest:

The reason is simple – the cunning owner of nachofoto has used Javascript on
their website which is invisible to others, but the function is to read the
blogroll links from a text file hidden somewhere else on their domain.

In simpler terms, this means that your site link, although it can be viewed on
the main page from visitors to nachofotos, your site is not indexed by search
engines that crawl nachofoto!

But you, on the other hand, are giving away not only visitors views to
nachofotos on your site, but also search engine indexes that give them even MORE

Such link exchange is UNFAIR and IMPROPER, especially if your site has high
Google Page Rank. Nachofoto is trying to gain FAST, HIGH page rank with this
shameless method.

Is there any way to do some harm – punish for such actions? I guess not. Only slowing down the growth by letting other people know. But it won`t stop growing. So we will see more stuff like this come up in the future.
Of course there are many link exchangers that simply remove your link after e.g. 3 days, thus having positive incoming link points with no outgoing links. About 15% link exchangers do that, so check once a month or two the pages you link to. including, I guess they remove the link on first day after you hav approved it.


Today I received mail from Nachofoto. They are just plain stupid.

Hi there,
This is a follow up on the recent traffic exchange email from NachoFoto.

This email is to inform you In case you received any mail from this user
This user has been sending out misleading emails about the nachofoto traffic
exchange program .
We have identified the user with the help of our partner blogs using the email
headers IP address.
We have successfully tracked him down with the help of Internet Service
Provider and our lawyers are initiating legal action against him.

Our intention is a traffic exchange program, so that regular users to both your
and our sites get access to friends sites.
Popular sites get more frequent placement in the friends box and your site is
rotated in our popular friends list which is displayed on all 4 pages

However if you have any questions or if you still wish us to remove your link,
please let me know.

Author: Valters Bože

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3 thoughts on “Link exchange fraud with javascript. UPDATED”

  1. Thanks for your email.i Huess i have been taken for a ride by them. Little wonder when i checked my backlinks today i only saw links to their blogspot blog(The one on slide shows). I did not see the one on nachofoto at all.
    I am yanking off their link from my blog. This is really criminal.

    When i saw the mail from you and that from Matt priest in my box, i knew this was not a lie.

  2. I got the same email. Like you didn’t jump on the email immediately. What I don’t get, is I never received a referrer hit period. Something more than just the javascript is up because for a site with an Alexia rating of 12k to not even give a single hit after a week just doesn’t add up.

    Thanks for hitting me with the truth.

  3. I was also contacted by the owner of nachofoto and they had asked me to do link exchange as well. I didn’t really think about it at the time because I thought it would maybe give my website exposure as well too but it turns out that the link to my website never showed up on their link page. I had put their link on my page and let it sit for one day before I checked where my link showed up on their page. It never came up anywhere. Somehow also, someone contacted my that said my link was hidden and he was scammed as well by nachofoto. Be careful not to do business with them. They will try anything to get their PR higher in the search engine rankings. Nachofoto is practicing unethical business online. I hope their website crashes and burns quick.

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