OMG, Google Chrome! UPDATED

Google Chrome – A New browser! Who did expect? And its good, really good! This is a revolution on Internet! Today Google stocks had reached 463 dollars, 10 dollar fall since yesterday. I`m almost sure that recent news about Youtube advertisments and this new browser will skyrocket google stocks back to 750 and maybe even more!
Now I need to find a way to buy Google stocks in Latvia..
Google chrome – Is This The Day Mozilla and Iexplore Died??


I`m just sick of how many new features there are, e.g. check this screenshot for simple stats about google chrome:
google chrome memory usage task manager

The thrill is over. Chrome didn`t do wonders. It just has flaws. First Macromedia Flash support – it often hangs! Not often, most of the time! And many pages don`t display correctly. I`m surprised Google didn`t rush for updates and fixes :/

Author: Valters Bože

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