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I knew about site for a few years. (i think it sounds better chikita not chitika :D) The didn`t accept my site back then (, but a few months ago they updated their policy and accept new sites. I tested both on and my furniture site, both perform very poorly, about 10% of Google Adsense performance, no matter how many success stories Chitika writes. It just doesn`t pay. I tried more of their advertising features. 99% it shows IPOD ads that lead to, I`m not sure if anyone is interested in such ads. Screw Ipod`s!
I`m waiting to get my first payment and then I`ll quit using Chitika :/ Maybe I`m doing something wrong, but the CTR is 0.05% and below which isn`t effective at all!

Oh, what`s even worse – I couldn`t find a way to add new domains/sites to my account. I had to create new accoutn for each domain. So you cannot get bulk payments. You have to logout/login all the time. wtf?

Author: Valters Bože

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  1. Hi Valters – this is Ryan from Chitika. Looking at how you have implemented our ads on CelebritySnap, I can see why you are doing poorly.

    2 things:

    First – you have placed the ad in a horrible placement; nobody is even seeing it. Second – you are running our old eMiniMalls ads, not our new Premium ads. Our new Premium ads deliver a much higher eCPM and are a better ad choice.

    I would recommend that you place a 468×90 Chitika | Premium ad directly below your article titles (before the content). Our Premium ads will only display to your search engine (transient) traffic (from US and UK) so the ads will not bother your regular readers.

    Second – you are wondering about adding other sites to your account. You do not need to do this – once you are approved for Chitika, you can use us on any of your sites, as long as they do not violate our terms and conditions.

    Feel free to shoot me an email at ryan [at] chitika [dot] com if you have any questions.

  2. wow, i didnt expect that fast response, but i did expect suggestions :)
    I did try premium ads on the top of the page instead of Adsense 700×60 or smth. for a week i guess. it didn`t work out. i tried to get revelant ads with no success. and how do i get rid of thad iPod ad??
    The regular visitors ARE from USA, so it does matter to me where I place ads and if I dont scare visitors off.
    As for the fast response I will update my ads for a week and make another test. Probably will collect the minimum payments faster? :)
    Thanks for responding

  3. it depends. its just another type of ads, i think you need to do some serious tuning and then its effective, im currently re-publishing chitika ads and will see the results..

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