I HAZ GINGER – Netvibes peek in the future

Most of web users have noticed one of the most useful tools on the web – Netvibes.com . Now it has released its “Ginger” update and offers all users to create their own profile pages. This takes social networking one step further. Now its pretty easy present public information about yourself in one place – all your profiles at myspace, facebook, flickr, youtube, favorite feeds – all in single place. It`s like a new type of personal homepage! Or your digital dynamic CV. No more need for personal domain?

Web 3.0

Lately I`ve been pretty stressed about the future web (WEB 3.0). The junction of wide range usability APIs will create new technologies that will outrun current solutions. The “coolest” thing since RSS of course is the Google Maps. The API brings unlimited uses of it. And then there is Google Mashups Editor – bring all the APIs together in one cool project. The Moore`s law takes place. It makes me worry because everything complicated I learn today will be a basic compound of network solutions the next year. Get ready for big innovations!

Back to the API monster Netvibes – of course I had subscribed for the BETA test phase of Ginger, I got myself a universe name “bo”, so the address would read http://www.netvibes.com/bo. Unfortunately I received email that I have to change this, because 2 character codes will be reserved for country codes, and “bo” is for Bolivia. So there you have it, soon there will be Netvibes universes for countries, which will outrun any other static country representative page as well as Wikipedia.org, because Netvibes brings dynamic content. Wheter it`s news, blogs, photos or videos. So our small domain “latvia.lv” that cost from our pockets about $500000 will be useless (ok, it has never been useful anyway, LOL).

There could be great storm among the courts – millions of people will register their universes as celebrities and famous organizations without permission. So now if a girl named Beyonce Whatever (or some web guru who knows her) registers www.netvibes.com/beyonce (forget it, it`s already taken) will definitely earn a nice car in the future either selling the universe name to the popstar or just using the universe for displaying ads. Of course i did register a few topic names of interest for myself as this is something similar to early Internet days when we could register domain names for free.

While extremely dynamic content websites like Netvibes are highly innovative and useful, they mostly depend on serious AJAX and flash content aggregation. So I can go to hell with my Search Engine Optimization knowledge. This reminds me of the oldschool HTML/Flash battle, but then nobody cared about SEO.

Remember, Netvibes started as a simple RSS reader at about the same time when Google Reader was released and Google personalized homepage with its widgets.
For now check out my Netvibes Universe – www.netvibes.com/valtersboze and go register your own!

Author: Valters Bože

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  1. Well, Netvibes excites me, i try to upgrade to Ginger, was told i was migrated, yet the code of acceptance has not arrived in a week. Nornal. Please let me know.
    And Valters page is very cute

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