Items lost on Netvibes or Netvibes not working at all

I`m pretty married to Netvibes by using it everyday. Mainly I use it for tracking RSS news, RSS music releases and “notepads” for saving rly various stuff.
Today I logged in and half of my items were lost. “Mail tab” was completely empty, about 40% of RSS items were left. A million thoughts crossed my mind! So I searched for support on Netvibes, but the answer was in the FAQ section:

When trying to access your netvibes page and all your tabs are empty, this is due to a desynchronization with our server.

Use this url:
Your page will be refresh with all the modules in the correct place.


Today I opened Netvibes and it showed only the top bar which says “add new items” and nothing else, the whole page was blank no matter if i clear my cookies or delete cache. In the end I tried this same link and it works again!

Author: Valters Bože

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1 thought on “Items lost on Netvibes or Netvibes not working at all”

  1. Gee!
    I am the dumbest person to get onboard Netvibes. I lost my infos and this morning i “fall” on this page. I clicked and bang all was restored. If Ginger can migrate me with my code number, i will be happy. Thanks a million.
    Andre, proud new( bie) member in Quebec city

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