Mozilla Firefox 2.0 released (updated)

Firefox 2.0 is out! Although not mentioned on (webpages still state 1.5 and RC versions), you can get a fresh copy using the link below.
A few extensions I use are not compatible with the new Firefox, but most work okay. The ones that do not work for now:

  • Live PageRank
  • MinimizeToTray
  • buttons
  • Quicknote (I have stopped using this in favor of Netvibes Notes, as I use more than one pc)
  • SEOpen
  • Tab mix plus (almost no need of this anymore

First thing I did starting up new Firefox:
Tools > Options > Main > Startup > When Firefox starts > Show my windows and tabs from last time.
This will restore your opened tabs from previous session. What it is not good as TabMixPlus is that you cannot organize tabs in multiple lines – you have to scroll with special arrows. This sucks, as I usually have open 50-60 tabs :) If there is a manual fix for this, please share it!
Happy FireFoxin :)

Download link:

Now Mozilla really screwed it while publishing their article at that this is not the final release, blah blah blah. I still have the downloaded file and its exactly the same size as the official FF2 download. Funny that after this post many went screaming at with their headlines “Firefox is Not released!” and in the evening “Firefox 2 is now released (now for real)” and headlines like that. I already commented on this mozillazine post, but they didnt post my comment. I just explained that the download link explains everything: RELEASES / MOZILLA / PUBLIC / FIREFOX / 2. The folder creation date was 24oct. You can also read comments of disappointed users on the same post. Though I love Firefox, I dislike Firefox PR team, you just screwed up the big release of the best browser!

Author: Valters Bože

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2 thoughts on “Mozilla Firefox 2.0 released (updated)”

  1. don’t be ***. it’s not about the file, it’s about the preparements: media, mass downloading, bandwidth, support, page redesign, etc.

  2. yes, so they should do everything of importance before they put the final binary file on their public repository. it is about the file, at least for the end consumer, who doesn`t care about page redesign, bandwidth and support. User wants product. If you cannot organize your PR work, don`t do it, community will present your product.

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