In summer I created a website Celebrity Gossip. Time has come to move on. For that time I chose a domain name celebrity-gossip.org which was really for the keywords. Optimizing every single bit for keyphrase “celebrity gossip” soon I was #1 on MSN and got almost 1000 unique views daily from MSN Search alone. Time passed and MSN lost its users, so that still I was #1 on MSN but received only 20-100 unique visitors daily. But Google had increased importance of my site that I had ~1000 uniques per day.
One thing that is typical for Google is that you cannot optimize your web for keyphrase like “celebrity gossip” – I`m not even in Top10 for that phrase, but for news titles like “V. Beckham`s new hair cut” I could gain sometimes even #1.
I was really concerned about the domain name “www.celebrity-gossip.org”. Its really awkward and hard to write or even remember. And this keyword stuff has really lost importance, so I bought a new domain name “celebritysnap.com” which is easier to remember and more close to the subject of the site – photos. I copied the database, and after 2days of messing with dreamhost account my webpage was ready.
Now all links on the old site point to the new one. I didnt just put a redirect because I think it`s better to make some links with correct anchor text. Also search engines doesn`t like Redirects.
A week has passed and still about 1300 people still find the old site and about 400 of them click on links to the new site. About 20 uniques come from search engines. Of course there are still improvements, promotions to be done, but it seems the site should get back in positions in one month.
What do you suggest? Putting a redirect or just a notice on the site?

Author: Valters Bože

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