Google Conversion University helps out!

Google analytics is one of the best free tools for web statistics, but now Google makes another step towards web developers. Google posted about its Conversion University – online resource for SEO tactics and optimizing your web page for better conversions (both Adsense and organic). Right now the “university” offers articles in 4 categories:

There are countless sites on the web with articles on search engine optimization. Many of them are writing articles to promote their own sites and products. Google promotes its Analytics, Sitemaps and AdWords tools (its slogan says “Learn. Explore. Profit.”). Since Google is still the most visited search engine on the web, it matters. The guidelines in Conversion university should be accurate and wouldn`t lead your websites to conflict with google algorithms and ranking.

For example, the first article on Driving Traffic is “Sitemaps for SEO” which tells you five reasons, why you would use Google sitemaps:

  • Submit all of your pages to the Google index – for free.
  • Find out how you rank on the top search queries.
  • Find out how Google sees your site.(page analysis)
  • Unblock your site (in case your robots.txt blocks any pages).
  • Get re-included (if you`re banned, follow Google quality guidelines)

Another article in Converting Visitors category explains Five tips for writing web headlines :

  • Include your paid keyword in the headline.
  • Don’t sound like an ad.
  • Highlight benefits rather than features.
  • Make headlines look easy to read.
  • Don’t forget subheads.

I see Google Conversion University quickly popping up its popularity among SEO websites in the near future, you should really take notice, even pro masters of SEO should find something new there. Take a read, the devil is in the details!

Author: Valters Bože

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