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I`m a enthusiastic Firefox user since it`s early days and I was really pleased with its “tabbing” capabilities. When Opera 8 was released, I decided to give it a try. Opera was fun – fast, intuitive, attracting, full of features. The feature I liked the most was saved sessions – when you closed the browser, it saved your open tabs, so you can get back to them next time you launch your browser. But Opera had some minor problems – it didn`t render all Flash pages correctly. As I am a Flash desiger/programmer, this was hard time for me, so i got back to Firefox. But I couldnt live without saving my tabs anymore, so I searched for Firefox extensions that would do the job and I found it – SessionSaver! It really does the job! It allows you to save different sessions, export sessions with settings so you can import it on another Firefox installation. It also allows you to get back to accidentally closed tabs (like Ctrl+Z in Opera).

There are some little drawbacks though – I`m so used to tabbed browsing that I don`t save pages as bookmarks – I leave the tab open :) Right now I have 35 tabs open, sometimes it goes up to 40, and this slows down your browser`s launch time – it refreshes all your open tabs on launch.

There is another alternative – Tab Mix Plus , it has much more features than sessionsaver, but that adds to your computer processor. It launches Firefox faster, as it saves your pages on hard disk (I guess). Unfortunately I had problems with TabMixPlus performance (might be some incompatibality), so I switched back to SessionSaver.

Give this feature a try, you won`t regret it!

Author: Valters Bože

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  1. Soon there will be no need for this extension, as Mozilla have included session saving function in Firefox 2..

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