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Firefox 2 beta 1 is out! You can download Portable Firefox 2 beta or normal versions. The portable version allows you to use it without affecting your current Firefox installation. It allows you to keep all your profile data in one folder, not spread all over your windows drive (program files, documents and settings, etc). You can keep it on usb flash disk and get all your extensions/bookmarks with you wherever you go! (You can also get Portable Firefox

The new features of Firefox include:

  • Session restore and “recently closed tabs” (like SessionSaver)
  • Spell-as-you-type for spell checking
  • Improved feed subscription (really cool!!! Hurry up Vista, Firefox made it easy! :P)
  • Improved extension management
  • Search plugin management
  • Phishing protection
  • Improved memory usage (bug fixes?)
  • Default theme update

While features are available in beta release, you don’t all of the new default visual theme for now, its implemented only partly. But you can surely see how it should look in the final release:


  • icons have been sharpened and made to look a little glossier, and colours have been / will continue to be adjusted to match OS palette, border visibility on mouseover
  • standard treatment for “end cap” buttons on a textbox like “Go” and “Search”
  • new light treatment for drop-down buttons until the user hovers in that textbox at which point the buttons will fill in
  • gradients on tabs and the tabstrip to make it easier to see the selected and background tab

Check out mozilla wiki post for full details on visual theme update.

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